A Student’s Guide to the Forbes Under 30 Summit

Forbes Under 30 Summit event photo

Tips for people to get the most out of the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

A Design Model for Doing Good

USC Iovine and Young Academy Professor Matthew Manos founded a design consultancy, verynice, which gives away half its services for free. We asked him about his inspiration for verynice, his growth as a business leader and his advice for students.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Design

Professor Sue Tan co-founded the design consultancy Magnum Opus Studio with the vision of creating “an interdisciplinary playground for creative problem-solving.” We asked Tan about her design philosophy, her experience launching her own design consultancy and the value of interdisciplinary coursework for students.

Rethinking Prosthetic Design

From firsthand experience working with amputees, Garrett Hurley decided to rethink the interface between the prosthetic limb and the person wearing it, improving the comfort, modularity and adjustability of prosthetic sockets. Key to this design innovation was bringing together a team with diverse skill sets, ranging from mechanical engineers to designers, to best meet the needs of the growing amputee population.

Kick Drums, Reverb and Vibrating Denim: The Art of Rock Show Sound Design

Welcome to the world of modern sound design, in which designers and engineers use technology and years of experience to shape exactly what the music will sound like in a club, a concert hall or a stadium.

USC’s Online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology Inaugural Class

The first class for USC’s online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology began courses in August 2017, and USC was proud to welcome students from all over the nation. Sixteen women and thirteen men logged on from places like California, Colorado, Connecticut and Texas to expand their expertise and move their careers forward.